Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much does it cost?

A: It's free for Locals to browse and view business specials.

It's also free for Locals to publish calendar events, real-time video and things happening in their community. Register, Category "On-Air" Subcategory "Local" and when out and about, publish video and fun experiences - things to see and do!

Businesses get a free listing and a 14-day trial experience of premium media publishing (no credit card required). A $1 per day, 3-month, $99 extension reminder email is sent offering the premium multi-media marketing system.


Q: How does it work?

A: requires User location either through permission to enable GEO Location or a User has to enter an address. A Local Page is then displayed featuring twelve Categories of top  consumers interests and selectable Subcategories to narrow a search. All Subcategories can be displayed at once by selecting "Sub Categories" in the dropdown list. A User can scroll left to see the "Media" and the promotions offered by business advertisers. Click/Tap on the Map image for turn-by-turn directions from the location of the User.


Q: How many posts can I publish per day?

A: As many as you'd like. Registered Business Users can publish unlimited video, coupons, calendar events, and offer promotions on Amazon Alexa, Twitter and Facebook, their website and ours.  For example, a restaurant might have a Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Happy Hour special. Tell your Customers they can hear about them on the Alexa virtual assistant to reduce call volume and promote Chefs' changing daily specials.


Q: How do I earn 20% instant cash PayPal payout from business referrals?

A: It's free. Do you know your community? Share it. Anyone with a PayPal account can become a local representative. Register, Category "On-Air" Subcategory "A Local." Make a 30 second video of yourself, local interests, and how you'd like to serve businesses in your community. Or,  upload your picture and type similar descriptions.

When at a business establishment, you can offer to complete their registration, take a video/interview and publish their Ad Listing for an extra $79 fee. Upon PayPal checkout, select $79 option and enter your PayPal account number (enter your PayPal email address).

There are three Ad options, each 3-months. $99 includes 30 seconds of video, $165, 60 seconds, and $273 for 180 seconds.

The instant cash payout amount deposited into your PayPal account is $35.60, $48.80, $70.40 respectively when you complete an Ad Listing.


Q: What is a Universal Advertiser?

A: For an extra case-by-case fee, Ads will be displayed throughout the U.S. and other markets.


Q: What is difference between Search Engines, Yelp, directory websites, and You?

A: - it's what to see and do! is a real-time, self-serve, community publishing website. Business to Consumer, they can refer their customers to one location to follow their latest media and promotions. As a destination website, it also functions as a daily lifestyle utility.


Q: How does a real-time, self-serve publishing platform work?

A: Register with Login to our Control Panel, and select from one of four options:

  1. Publish Video and Social Marketing
  2. Publish Promotion to Amazon Alexa
  3. Add Your Marketing PDF, Coupon & Details
  4. Create Calendar Event

Forms are then presented. Type into the respective forms and Click/Tap submit for instant, real-time promotion publishing.


Q: How do I make an Amazon Alexa post?

A: Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant, owns the largest device market share, and offers a free App download for Desktop, Android, and iOS devices. - it's what to see and do! developed a free to use "Skill" for Community publishing.

Locals are to download the free Alexa virtual assistant and then the free Skill on

Launch Alexa, and it works, for example, like this:

Alexa, ask "what's happening" tonight in Tucson Arizona for "dinner specials"...or, "live music."

Or, Alexa, ask "what's happening" Saturday for "open houses."

Login to our Control Panel, select "Publish Promotion to Amazon Alexa," select from our Categories and Subcategories, and simply type the Statement to be Vocalized by Alexa.

We automatically input the business name and phone number. We recommend a certain keyword Statement format.

See our Video "Tutorial 2," select "On-Air" Category, select "Subcategory," How-To-Show.


Q: How do I make a social media marketing post with Video to Twitter and Facebook?

A: All posts go to Twitter and Facebook /SeeingLocal. Local Users and Business Customers can locate promotions: 1) on the business ad listing; 2) on our Social media pages; 3) and by entering keywords in the Twitter and Facebook search tool.

Login to our Control Panel, select "Publish Video and Social Marketing." Attach a video, and simply type the promotion Statement.

We automatically input the business name, address and phone number. We recommend a certain keyword Statement format.

Tap/Click to include optional Media Links (examples below) with your statement.

  1. Video:
  2. Coupon:
  3. Your Personal SEO Page:
  4. PDF Brochure:

See our Video "Tutorial 3," select "On-Air" Category, select Subcategory "How-To-Show."


Q: Can I generate scanable QR codes from my Media Links to use on my marketing materials?

A: Yes you may do so. One such generator is free, here:


Q: Can I put My Ad Listing links like those above on my Wordpress or Webpage?

A: Yes you can. We made a convenient and easy way to manage this media on your website. Use to make updates at anytime. Just put buttons and the links on your website.


Q: What if I have multiple locations/franchises?

A: Even if the same promotions are the same for all locations, our mapping function requires a different address for each site to provide driving directions. Each site registered requires a different email address. Each location costs $1 per day.


Q: Does serve any Business-to-Business functionality?

A: Yes. Input your Registered Business address on the homepage, and refer a Customer to another Registered Local Business ad listing. "Referred by" appears on the "Coupon" of that business.


Randall Harmon, Founder


Why is it that I hear of great local events and entertainment only after its' occurred, or, that I'm not aware of restaurant specials, and business promotions that could have saved me money?

How about the fun things to do that would enrich my life experiences?

I've missed out. Had I only known.

I'm spontaneous, so I crave real-time information. If something piques my interest, I can head out the door within a moment's notice.

With local happenings, I can't always rely on traditional entertainment publications or newspapers. Even my live social media event feeds have not much to offer.


Fun things-to-do and money saving business promotions happen daily. Think of a community based publishing system so friends, and their friends, local businesses, event coordinators, and citizens could share this information, in real-time.

"Share Your Community."


So, I developed - it's what to see and do!

It's a self-serve, real-time publishing platform, and a destination website featuring local video.

I made it form-based. Type into a provided form, attach a video or picture, and submit.

It's devised for locals, businesses and event coordinators, "the Community."

The primary function is to promote and create awareness of local events and business specials. With Amazon Alexa, the virtual voice, information request assistant, I'm providing Communities access to publishing via the Alexa ecosystem.

By doing so, is offering to the public, latest digital and social marketing information.

Users can also produce keyword searchable posts on Twitter and Facebook, @Seeinglocal, without needing an account.

For Amazon Alexa, download the free Amazon Alexa App. Search and download the free Alexa Skill, - it's what to see and do!

Launch Alexa, and it works, for example, like this:

Alexa, ask "what's happening" tonight in Tucson Arizona for "dinner specials"...or, "live music."

Or, Alexa, ask "what's happening" Saturday for "open houses."

Locals can post to Calendar of Events. Businesses can link their media pages to their websites. 

Free for locals.

For Businesses, a free listing, and a 14-day trial of a premium publishing experience is provided (no credit card request). A 3-month, $1 per day, $99 extension reminder email is sent offering the multi-media marketing system to fold into, and help their efforts.

PayPal and the 20% instant cash payout system. To facilitate the 'Share Your Community" program, all PayPal members can represent and sell ads and services, having instant availability to earned fees.


Mindful of my own social ambitions, I envisioned an accessible crowd-sourced interactive business and community promotions system that creates awareness, jobs and economic benefit to local businesses, while also enriching Users with a pleasant and more rewarding lifestyle.


My goal is to provide a successful platform that serves local citizens, and business entities in communities everywhere.

"Do you know your community? Share it."

I want to provide, through, a life changing, daily used utility.

Automation measures were implemented to grow and scale efficiently, and lean.

Many businesses are rendered and displayed automatically, like a digital directory. They can simply claim their listing, and begin a free 14-day business promotion trial offer.

It's prudent to seek alliances and strategic partnerships for them of whom, and their members, could greatly benefit.

The Market

Potentially, restaurant, hotel and business associations, food and liquor distributors, chambers of commerce, city state and national business administrations, SCORE, Microsoft, Amazon Alexa, PayPal, Uber, Lyft, Ebay, Airbnb and others could benefit.

A probable user demographic in the USA alone is adults 20 years to 65 years of age, or about 192.72 million people,[1] and about 30 million small businesses, and 1 million franchise businesses.[2]

In the third quarter of 2018, there were 254 million PayPal accounts[3] active worldwide. Anyone with a PayPal account, has the potential of being a local representative. If willing to share their community, they can earn 20% of their advertising sales and services proceeds.

Acquiring two tenths 2/10th's of 1% of available USA businesses paying $1 per day, projects revenue of $62,000 per day.

Acquiring one percent, 1% of businesses in the USA alone, projects revenue for at $310,000 per day.

Worldwide, there about 3 billion monthly active social media users.[4] works just the same in the USA, as it will in foreign Countries.

Expansion is imminent. - it's what to see and do, a lifestyle community network, is poised to makes life experiences more fulfilling for everyone anywhere.






This section will have title words (Adlisting name) that are links to the Video for each ad, with a short description under links:

Tutorial 1

Click/Tap above link (1) for a video tutorial on how to use the website, its operational functions, real-time publishing and business promotion features. Also, learn to become a Local Guide, Share Your Community, and make money doing so.

Tutorial 2

Click/Tap above link (2) for a video tutorial on how to use our form to self-publish Local Events and Business Promotions to the Amazon Alexa Digital Assistant Skill –

Tutorial 3

Click/Tap above link (3) for a video tutorial on how to use our form to self-publish a Social Media Marketing campaign to promote real-time local events and business specials. You do not need a Twitter or Facebook account. Attach Video, PDF brochure, Coupon/Picture, or your exclusive Promotion Page to improve User interactions.

Tutorial 4

Click/Tap above link (4) for a video tutorial on how to become a paid Community Representative for Spend an hour with local businesses and earn $35.60 (20%) Instant PayPal Cash Payout from a $99 3-month listing and optional $79 rep set-up service fee. Join our team and help build community today.